Check out some of our frequently asked questions below. If you can't find what you're looking for please give us a call.

What's the difference between small, classic, premium and wow? 

Flowers are a natural product and no two stems are ever the same! All seasonal flowers and foliage will change slightly in colour and size depending on their growing season, the temperature, and weather conditions just to name a few. 

While this means you will always get a unique arrangement of flowers it also makes it impossible to tell exactly what size an arrangement will be. 

As a general guideline you can expect a small bouquet to be suitable for a coffee table or work desk. A medium to be suitable for a hallway table or dining table. A large is closer to a statement piece and will look wonderful on a kitchen bench or for an event table. A wow is as it's named - a showstopper that will impress everyone! 

Hope this helps!

Below is pictured a small and premium of some of our Valentines collection! 


What varieties of flowers will be in my arrangement? 

We will always use the best seasonally available blooms! By allowing us to select from what is seasonally available you can be sure to get a bouquet that is unique and bespoke creation. Be sure to look at our instagram to see what flowers are in season. 

You can always request flower varieties and we will do our best to accomodate, however if you have your heart set on a specific flower be sure to call and check with us if it is available. 

What time will my flowers be delivered? 

Our courier will usually leave our store location in Deagon around 11am to start our deliveries. How far your delivery location is from us, and how many people have placed orders will vary the times flowers are delivered. 

While every effort is made to accommodate timed delivery requests we are a small team and unfortunately unable to guarantee specific times for delivery. During normal trade all our orders are delivered by 6pm. We are able to offer a four-hour window timeframes for delivery upon request. 

Will I get a notification when my flowers are delivered? 

No. We are a small team and unfortunately don't have an automated system for this. However if you would like to check the progress of your delivery you can call us at the shop!  

What if no-one is home for delivery? 

Not a problem! If the recipient is not home then our courier will give them a call on the mobile number you provide with the order, and together they will work out a safe place for the flowers to be left; out of the sun and out of harms way. All our flowers are delivered with water so they will stay hydrated while they wait.